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Ally Munitions Canned Ham - 300 BLK 190gr Sub-X - 60 Rounds

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Canned Ham is our latest offering, specifically designed for hog hunting. 

Our 300BLK 190gr Sub-X is designed and handloaded to extract maximum accuracy out of 10" and shorter 300BLK rifles, while being an incredibly clean round to shoot, and still remanining subsonic. 

Optimized for Short Barrel ARs, and is semi automatic rated. Each tin comes packed with 60 rounds. 

All ammo is handloaded and tested in multiple rifle platforms. Purchaser should still look for signs of pressure after first round is fired to insure our ammo is safe for their firearm. As some of our offerings may be slightly hottter than factory offerings.

Ally Munitions Mission Statement

We strive to provide both the Modern Hunter and Shooter with the ammunition he or she needs to have success in the field. Whether you’re hunting prairie dogs or elk, our ammo isn’t just pulled from a random hat, it is specifically chosen for the job. We don’t just test one projectile through a singular test barrel in a facility. Our load development process for each year takes place over several months through a wide selection of various barrel offerings. We also do not hitch our hat on any one company for our components. We always choose our components for the particular load we are working on. Where this has the biggest impact is Projectile Selection. While some projectiles may work incredibly well in one caliber, it might be underwhelming on a different caliber. 


We are hunters and shooters alike. All of our flagship loads undergo months of testing before they are finalized. Whether it is shooting on paper, utilizing ballistics gel, or taking it out in the field and testing performance on animals, you can rest assured that Ally Munitions will exceed your expectations. 

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