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TPH "Business Class" Chair - v2.0

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The new and improved "Business Class" Chair from TPH

The TPH Business Class Chair is our newest design in our hunting chair line up, offering a highly adjustable stable platform with everything you need for a night out in the rack. The Business Class ships right to your door, and only needs a coat of paint and a your preferred boating seat before it's ready for the field! 

With three mounting plates on the table top, along with the included equipment stems, you will have a stable moutning platform for your rifle alongside lights, cameras, and whatever else your heart desires!



  • V Stem
  • Hub Assembly
  • Chair Stem
  • Table Stem
  • Table Top
  • 3 Equipment Stem
  • Cup Holder Stem
  • Weld Plate
  • All neccessary Hardware

Note: These chairs come shipped 'In the Raw', with bare metal ready for your preffered coat of paint.