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TPH "Weekend Warrior" Hunting Rack System

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Our newest addition to the TPH Chair System is our "Weekend Warrior" Hunting Rack System. Designed to be a low cost, lightweight, and modular way to add a hunting chair to your vehciles of choice, it is a bolt together system only requiring common hardware and Zero Welding to get you ready for your upcoming Hunt!

To get started, all you need is the Weekend Warrior Plate and your choice of 1 5/8" Unistrut and assorted hardware (look below for specific reccomendations) and you will have everything you need to build out your rack. You can also build the support using 1.75" Square Tubing (at least .125" thickness), and get as creative with it as you'd like! Then just finish it out with four ratchet straps to secure to your Truck Bed!

The plate is designed to work with our TPH Economy Class and Business Class chairs and simply bolts on to secure it. 


Reccomended Hardware for Setup as in Picture

  • 2x Pieces of Unistrut that match your applications width
  • 2x pieces 1/2"x28" all-thread
  • 4x SuperMag Magnetic L Brackets (Part Number ZAB219MEG)
  • 8x 1/2" x 2" Bolts (for the Magnetic Brackets)
  • 16x 1/2" Nuts (for 1/2" Bolts and All Thread)
  • 4x Wedge Lock Nuts (For Mounting Base to Unistrut)
  • 4x 1/2" x 3" Bolts  (For Mounting Base to Unistrut)
  • 4 Ratchet Straps