Tim "Spike" Davis

FUDD Poster - Tim "Spike" Davis Collaboration

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Fudd (Noun) - A gun owner that believes modern firearm innovation makes it junk and refuses to accept innovation while hugging their outdated beliefs tight. Often supports Gun Control of things they don't like, and fail to recognize the true purpose of the Second Amendment. 

"30-06 Will Kill Any Game in North America. The only reason I carry a .45 is because they don't make a .46! You don't need one of them new fangled AR Fifteens to hunt!"

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The first of our Collaborations with artist Tim "Spike" Davis. 

Only 9 of these limited eiditon prints will ever be sold. 

Avaiable in three colors; Pink, Green, and Yellow.  17 inches wide, 22 inches tall. 

About Tim "Spike" Davis

Tim 'spike' Davis has been drawing cartoons since he was a child. He has been enjoying hunting and fishing most of his adult life. Tim has been fortunate enough to catch giant flathead on rod and reel in western Illinois and kill wild boar with a knife in southern Alabama Countless Chicago rats have perished with his slingshot and pellet rifle.

Several whitetail deer have died at the hands of his homemade selfbows as well. His favorite animal to hunt though is the coyote with a rifle or shotgun and his trusty Foxpro call.

What Tim cherishes the most is all the people he has met through his cartoons over the years across this great country. People who have opened their homes and invited him on hunts. He is forever grateful and indebted to them for their hospitality and generosity.

Tim and his wife, Amy, have lived in the inner city of Chicago for the past thirty five years.

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